FAQ for Spring 2018 Wireless Changes

Q. In a nutshell, what is Berry changing about the campus wireless systems?

A. The primary change is the system used to manage the wireless network and access points. This change is mostly invisible to end users.

Q. Are there any changes I will notice?

A. Yes. There are changes to wireless network names and an additional wireless network campus-wide

Q. Which wireless network names changed?

A. The wireless network known as BerryEZConnect is renamed toEZConnect. It will be available campus-wide, not just in the residence halls. An additional wireless network, named BerryOnboard will also be visible everywhere

Q. So what hasn’t changed?

A. The Berry and BerryGuest wireless networks have not changed. You will still be able to use them exactly as you have before.

Q.  How does this affect me?

A. The changes that affect you are as follows:

  1. The renaming of the BerryEZConnect wireless network to EZConnect.
  2. The EZConnect network will be available across the entire campus, including in academic and administrative buildings and campus faculty and staff housing.
  3. A new wireless network named BerryOnboard will be visible across campus.
  4. This new wireless network will allow students, faculty, and staff to request an EZConnect password. See our onboarding document.
  5. There will be minor differences in the guest portal web pages.

Q. How do I get an EZConnect password?

A. See the document here.

Q. I live in on-campus faculty/staff housing. Does this affect me?

A. Yes. If you have a device installed and maintained by the college, your current, individualized, cottage wireless network will be replaced by the EZConnect wireless network. All shared passwords for the existing networks will be transferred to the new system.

Q. What about the Berry Elementary School, Child Development Center, or the Nursing wing in Evans?

A. These locations use separate wireless network with shared passwords to connect devices to the network that can’t connect to the “Berry” wireless network. The current BCEMS, CDC_PSK, and Nursingwireless networks will be replaced by the EZConnectwireless network. Existing shared passwords for these networks will be transferred to the new system.

Q. You’ve set up temporary wireless networks for us before for events such as the Board of Visitors, Board of Trustee, Mountain Day, or other outside reasons. Will you continue to do this?

A. The EZConnect wireless network will be used for these events going forward, but unique passwords will still be provisioned for these events.

Q. Will this upgrade fix my specific wireless issue?

A. While we cannot guarantee that the upgrade will fix your specific issue, we can confidently say that we will have better tools to troubleshoot and hopefully correct your particular wireless issue.

Q. Why is Berry doing this?

A. The current management platform used with the wireless access points is outdated and end-of-life, which means the vendor will no longer add features to it and eventually will stop supporting it. The new platform gives us many new features to help troubleshoot issues with wireless clients and new capabilities to offer new services to campus users.