Multi-Factor Authentication FAQ

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Q. What is multi-factor authentication and why is the college promoting its use?

A. Please read this PDF for an explanation of multi-factor authentication the reasons why the college is promoting the use of multi-factor authentication.

Q. How do I set up multi-factor authentication for my Berry email/Office365 account?

A. The process of setting up multi-factor authentication is explained in this PDF.

Q. Will multi-factor authentication be required on my email/Office365 account?

A. The short answer is, "yes". We are in the process of rolling out multi-factor authentication in stages, so not everyone has been enrolled. However, the use of multifactor authentication is required for all employees, retirees, students and alumni. You can request it be turned on for your account by emailing your request to

Q. If this is so important, should I set this up on my other accounts, like Facebook, Google, Instagram, or my online banking access?

A. YES! Please visit the Lock Down Your Login site for information on how to secure your other Internet accounts. Please visit your bank's website to get site-specific information on how to secure your online banking access. If your bank does not offer this, change banks!

Q. How much do hardware USB keys for multi-factor authentication cost?

A. Most can be purchased for $15 to $50. Prices vary by manufacturer and capabilities. For more information than you can ever read about these devices, called U2F or FIDO keys, just put the term "U2F security key" into your favorite search engine.

Q. I'm really confused about all of this! How can I ask more questions about multi-factor authentication?

A. You can send an email to with questions (preferred), or you can call 706-236-1750 between 8am and 5pm to speak with the Director of Information Technology. If the director is not available and you must leave a voice mail, they will generally be answered the next business day at the latest.

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