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The Office for Information Technology (OIT) believes that information security is a shared responsibility. Security and privacy begin with an awareness of the inherent risks of all online activity, including email, social media, online purchasing, cloud storage and all manner of web browsing.  Risks range from simple issues like unwanted spam to complete identity and financial compromise.  As we entrust more and more personal data to companies in exchange for services (Google, Facebook, etc.) we increase our risk of compromise and unwanted exposure. We also are required under various laws and regulations to handle sensitive and private data properly, regardless of whose data it is. With this in mind, OIT has arranged to make security awareness training from KnowBe4 available to the campus community.


A portion of this training will be strongly encouraged or mandatory. Students who are working in offices on campus and employees of the college must know how to properly recognize and handle data that falls under regulation or compliance mandates. This includes data covered by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and other rules, laws and regulations. Topics related to this include proper document handling and destruction, use, creation and management of passwords, phishing and scam email awareness, and clean desk policies.

The training will take about 30 minutes to complete, can be taken on any computer, from anywhere, and can be broken up into smaller time segments. Access to the training will be available through the Berry MyApps portal or from links in the introductory email. The list of the exact courses required is still being developed, and this page will be updated when it is finalized.

Additionally, there will be flyers posted in offices and on bulletin boards covering monthly topics related to information security and security awareness. If you would like to have these posted in your office, please contact Information Security at


Students are encouraged to take the Kevin Mitnick Information Security Home Course being offered as part of this effort. It will soon be available in the Berry MyApps portal.

Additionally, there will be posters on residence hall bulletin boards covering monthly topics related to information security and security awareness.

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