Shannon Soafer
Shannon Soafer working with Jersey cows

As a rising Junior, Animal Science major with a concentration in Pre-Veterinary Medicine, I need every advantage to get into Vet School and achieve my life-long dream of becoming a veterinarian. Because of its unique combination of support in classroom studies as well as an opportunity for hands-on career experience, Berry’s premier student work program has provided me this lead over other applicants. In my roles at the Rollins Dairy, I have learned to care for herd of over 100 Jersey cattle and supervise daily shifts. Based on the premise that prior to Berry I had only seen a cow in a petting zoo, this is a major accomplishment. In addition, as Marketing Manager of the student operated Genetics Enterprise, I am gaining knowledge of the business world in my preparation to run my own veterinary practice. The Berry premier student work program has made my career a possibility by preparing me in my work experience while supporting my academics. This has made me a more competitive applicant for Vet School and closer to reaching my career aspirations.