Frequently Asked Questions

Residence Life Questions

Q: May my son or daughter see their room before the move in date?
A: In most cases, no. Residence hall rooms are not available to see before August. Many of our halls are used either for summer school or conference groups during most of the summer months. After these groups leave, our housekeeping staff needs time to prepare the halls for your arrival. The residence halls at Berry are used to accommodate a number of events on campus during the summer so most students will not be able to see their actual room. Residence Life will provide floor plans for all residence halls. You might also want to check out Residence Life's web page for more information on what to bring, room layouts, etc.

Q: When can my son or daughter move in?
A: The fall semester official move-in date for first year students is the Wednesday before classes begin. Transfer students can move in beginning on the Friday before classes begin. Check-in (getting your keys) will take place in your area's resident assistant office (Dana, Lemley, East Mary, Morgan, Townhouse F, or Pilgrim). Returning students may move in on the Saturday before classes begin.

Q: What furniture is provided in my son or daughter’s room?
A: Each resident will have a bed, (twin or extra long twin), chest of drawers, closet/wardrobe, desk and chair. Each room is also equipped with one telephone jack with voice-mail capabilities.

Q: Are students allowed to build loft beds?
A: Yes, see Berry College Loft Program.

Q: How can my son or daughter change his or her room?
A: See Room Change Policy

Q: Are telephones provided?
A: No, however telephones are available in halls and common areas

Q: Will my son or daughter have cable television access and a computer connection?
A: Yes, and yes. Cable Television is provided; one jack per room. Each student has a port for their computer for connection to the Internet. Internet service and E-mail are provided by Computing & Technology. All resident hall rooms have a free, high-speed, 100 Mbps, Ethernet connection for each student (a one-to-one "port per pillow" ratio; eliminating the need for modems).

Q: What is a resident assistant?
A: An RA is an upper class student leader trained to develop community among the residents of a hall. RAs report to the professional staff (see the Staff Directory).

Q: Are laundry facilities provided?
A: Yes, both washers and dryers. Coins are no longer necessary, a $60 fee is included in tuition.

Q: Does the rooms have curtains or blinds?
A: All residence hall buildings have window blinds.

Q: Does my son or daughter need to move out during breaks?
A: Residence hall facilities are not open for occupancy during Thanksgiving Break and the break between fall and spring semesters. In order to stay during Fall Break or Spring Break, students must register with the Residence Life office. Residents may leave their personal belongings (at their own risk) in the rooms during the breaks.

Q: Is the room damage deposit refundable?
A: See info in the Viking Code or a housing agreement from last year.

Q: When will my son or daughter find out their room assignment and roommate?
A: New students will be notified of their room assignment and given the name(s) of their roommate(s) when they attend a summer SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration) Session during June. Later SOAR attendees will have their room assignments and roommate information mailed to them in July.

Q: How can I find out more information or ask specific questions?
A: First, see if you can find the answers to your questions in the Housing Contract or the Viking Code located on our website at Last, but certainly not least, feel free to e-mail us with your questions: 

Q: Can my son or daughter hang pictures, posters, etc. on the wall?
A: Yes. We recommend sticky putty that will not leave a residue (test on a small area before using everywhere). Drilling holes is not permitted.

Q: Where can I find out more information on the meal plan?
A: Please visit Dining Services' website or call their office at 706-236-1701.

Q: Can my son or daughter bring a pet?
A: If the pet is a fish. Fish are the only pets allowed. Aquariums are limited to 20 gallons and must be well maintained. During Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, all electrical appliances (including aquarium equipment) must be disconnected.

Q: Do students have residency requirements?
A: Students who meet any of the following criteria may apply to live off campus: 1) 25 years old or older; 2) Married; 3) Residing with their parents or legal guardian within a 40 mile driving distance to Berry College; or 4) 5th Year Senior. If a student feels they meet one of the above criteria, they must complete an Off Campus Application and be granted permission to move off-campus before they may do so. 

Q: Are freshman allowed to have cars on campus? 
A: Yes, as long as the vehicle is registered with the Berry College campus police department and the vehicle is parked in the designated areas.

Q: What are the visitation hours? 
A: Students may have visitors of the opposite sex in their residence hall rooms during the following times:
Sunday - Thursday:      10:00 am - 1:00 am
Friday and Saturday:    10:00 am - 2:00 am

SOAR Questions

Q: How does my son or daughter change his or her SOAR date? 
A: If you need to change your SOAR date, call the Office of Admissions and they will assign you a later SOAR date that works better for you.

Q: How does my son or daughter change his or her major?
A: Students will meet with their advisors during SOAR to confirm their class schedule for the fall. If they want to change their major they can do so during this time and can also change their classes if necessary.

Q: Why should my son or daughter take the World Languages and Cultures exam?
A: Transfer students and incoming freshmen who have studied a foreign language in high school or at another college/university and want to continue study in that language at Berry College need to take the WebCAPE Online Placement Exam. This online exam is available in French, German and Spanish.  You should take the online placement exam before coming to Summer Advising and Orientation (SOAR) so that you will know the World Languages and Cultures class in which to register.

Q: Will my son or daughter get to meet his or her roommate at SOAR?
A: If your roommate for next year attends the same SOAR session as you, you will room with them during SOAR so that you can get to know them and discuss plans for your room.

Q: Will my son or daughter get to see his or her residence hall room while he or she is at SOAR? 
A: The residence halls at Berry are used to accommodate a number of events on campus during the summer so most students will not be able to see their actual room. Residence Life will provide floor plans for all residence halls. You might also want to check out Residence Life's web page for more information on what to bring, room layouts, etc.

Q: What does my son or daughter need to bring to SOAR?
A: We recommend the following:
Pillow and linens for the bed (X-long Twin bed) 
Alarm clock
Athletic wear and/or swimsuit for optional activities
Comfortable clothes and shoes
All necessary forms and papers

Q: What should I wear? 
A: Dress is casual so it is not necessary to dress up for the banquet on the first night. Dress for hot weather and be prepared for possible rain.

Q: Are my son or daughter’s meals provided? 
A: They will have to get breakfast and lunch on their own the first day of SOAR. Your orientation fee covers the cost of the dinner banquet for your student and two parents as well as breakfast and lunch on the second day.

Q: What are the overnight accommodations? 
A: All students will be staying in an assigned residence hall room on campus overnight. Parents will need to make arrangements for accommodations from the list of recommended Rome-area hotel/motels.

Q: Does my son or daughter still stay overnight on campus if he or she is a commuter? 
A: All students are encouraged to stay on campus overnight during SOAR, even if they will not be living in the residence halls in the fall. This gives every student the opportunity to participate in the late-night entertainment, socialize with the other incoming students, and get to know their SOAR leaders better.

Student Work Opportunity Questions

Q: Who can participate in the student work program? 
A: Regardless of financial need, all undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in some form of work outside the classroom. Approximately 78 percent of the current undergraduate students participate each semester. At graduation, more than 91 percent of the students have worked at some time during their undergraduate enrollment.

Q: How are on-campus jobs obtained?
A: New students are asked to complete a work preference form. Placements are made based upon students' skills and interests, position availability and individual academic schedules. For more information about on-campus work, contact the Office of Student Work.

Q: What can my son or daughter expect to earn? 
A: The pay scale begins at $7.25 per hour. Current student earnings are approximately $2,210 annually. Students receive a paycheck every two weeks.

Q: How many hours can my son or daughter work per week? 
A: The average hours worked is 9.3 hours per week. All students can work up to 16 hours per week. A limited number of juniors and seniors may be promoted to supervisory positions.

Q: What types of employment opportunities are available? 
A: More than 100 different job classifications on campus, including:
Athletic trainer, bookkeeper, cashier, child-care worker, computer lab supervisor, dairy worker, electrician, food service worker, housekeeper, janitor, library clerk, lifeguard, mechanic, office worker, photographer, postal clerk, printer, publications writer, research assistant, residence hall assistant, secretary, switchboard operator, tour guide, tutor, video production assistant, water plant operator and weaver.

Miscellaneous Questions

Q: Are freshman allowed to have cars on campus?
A: Yes, as long as the vehicle is registered with the Berry College campus police department and the vehicle is parked in the designated areas. 

Q: Can I earn credit by examination?
A: Advance placement or credit may be earned through the Advanced Placement Program (APP), the International Baccalaureate (IB) and proficiency examinations administered by the appropriate academic department. 

Q: What types of activities are available on campus?
A: See the Student Activities Web site at 

Q: Which intercollegiate athletic teams are available at Berry?
A: See the Athletics Web site at