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Engage with Berry Students

Each semester, the Berry Employer Engagement Team regularly hosts and coordinates a myriad of engagement opportunities for employers who are interested in meeting and interacting with Berry students. Below are the four primary ways that interested employers can connect with our amazing young professionals at Berry College:

Connect via Handshake

Most recruiting starts through Handshake. Create a free account or log-in to register for upcoming events and connect with students.

Connect Virtually Through Sessions/Webinars

We have had great success with our live virtual webinars and the ability to connect remotely is more important now than ever. We advertise and support virtual events and sessions in the same manner as our on-campus presentations to bring you as much student interaction as possible.

Connect in Person, On-Campus

We have great options for reaching our students in a more personal way, all of which are easy to arrange. Connect with the Employer Engagement Team to learn more about these options. We will handle all of the details of your on-campus visit, including extensive targeted marketing to students, academic departments and student organizations, as well as room reservations, catering and online scheduling.

Consider a 30-minute session to share basic information on your organization or program. Following the formal presentation, students can stay to network with your presenters on an individual basis. This abbreviated informational session gives students more flexibility with their schedules and employers still get the great interactions they are seeking with multiple students.

Many organizations and programs use this platform, especially if they are new to Berry and want to build brand recognition among students. Tables are placed in our Krannert Student Center, our hub for student activity and dining, where you will connect with the students you want to meet.

Setting up an interview day provides easy access to our students and is often the first step before extending an office invitation to candidates for additional consideration. Full-day or half-day options with either pre-screened or open sign-up are available. We will work with your recruiter to build the schedule that meets your needs.

Volunteering to participate in mock interview sessions is an excellent way to build brand identity for your organization and provide meaningful support to our students as they prepare for the real opportunity in the near future. You also get to interact with our great students and educate them about your company. Combine a mock interview session with other on campus activities to complete your day.

Berry’s "Employer Insights" series features distinguished guests in their respective career fields as they address the current challenges, responses and opportunities presented at this moment in time in their industry. Our guests also share practical advice and support for navigating the current economic landscape in their field of expertise and can offer general career planning advice to our students. Please note - for fall 2020, most of our Employer Insight panels will be virtual (hosted via Zoom).

Presentations to a specific student club or organization provides an excellent opportunity to present relevant information about a particular topic of interest and information on your company to a targeted group of students with common interests or major affiliations. These sessions typically are offered in the early evening after classroom sessions are completed for the day.

Consider leading a 30-45-minute workshop on a skill-building topic such as "Building Your Personal Brand" or "Financial Literacy 101." At the conclusion of your workshop, take the last 15 minutes of time for an abbreviated information session to discuss specific opportunities with your organization or program. Combine your workshop with some other activities to have a solid day of on-campus recruiting.

Each year, Berry College hosts several fair-style events to highlight careers, professions or graduate school programs for our students to network and learn. These fairs typically involve setting up an information table and engaging with students directly to meet your next potential hire. Refer to our list of events sponsored by the Center for Personal and Professional Development Office in Handshake.

Connect in Person, Off-Campus

In addition to employers and organizations meeting our students on campus, Berry is committed to exposing our students to various networking events and site visits off campus. We recognize the value in getting our students into the work place, seeing the work environment firsthand and meeting your staff on their turf. The Employer Engagement office will help facilitate and organize these event with other campus partners.

Attend/host a student networking event off-campus, in Atlanta or another central city. These events are typically scheduled in the evening, immediately after the workday and students with similar areas of study or interest are brought in. Student resumes and employer biographies are shared in advance. Viking Connections is an excellent way for employers and alumni to meet with multiple students in a professional networking context.

Hosting a small, niche class or group of students in your office for a tour and introduction to your management team is an excellent way to develop your brand and foster greater understanding on the nature of your work/culture to prospective applicants. These visits are normally 90 minutes to 2 hours in duration, but can be abbreviated or extended, as desired. Students and faculty can come to your office as a group and their visit will be planned with someone from Berry's Employer Engagement Team.

Hosting a student "intern for a day" provides an excellent opportunity for a student to shadow one of your team members in your work environment to learn more about your company and business. It allows various members of your organization to interact with a student throughout the day and gain a greater understanding of their professional abilities, interests and potential fit within your company.

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