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Want to hire a Berry graduate for a job or a student for an internship? 

Our students and graduates are well prepared for the next stage of their life’s journey as a result of rigorous academic studies, combined with four years of intensive, and built-in personal and professional development. Berry students and graduates are known for being confident, self-motivated, responsible citizens with an unshakeable work ethic and uncompromising character. You’ll be impressed with a Berry student or graduate. Why Hire a Berry College Student?

Most recruiting starts through our online recruiting system. Get started with Handshake now to share your opportunities.

Posting your jobs and internships at Berry College just got easier! Just follow the steps below:


Handshake is the primary tool for employers to post their jobs and internships to hire Berry College students and recent graduates. After creating an account, select to connect with Berry College and allow 2-3 business days for our Employer Engagement team to access your request and provide a response. Once approved, you can begin posting jobs, internships and reviewing student profiles.

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Select Berry College as one of your preferred institutions to recruit new talent and have all your posted jobs and internships appear for Berry students to research and apply.

Recruitment Policies

Berry’s Center for Personal & Professional Development abides by the ethical standards for professional conduct set forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and we expect all employers and third-party recruiting organizations to abide by these principles as well. We view on-campus recruiting as a partnership, one where your team and our team work together to facilitate the best fit between students/alumni and employment opportunities. Organizations that do not act in accordance with these principles will have their recruiting privileges revoked.

handshake-logo-225x225.jpgMost recruiting starts through our online recruiting system. Get started with Handshake now to share your opportunities.

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