Board Room Request Procedure

Please create an appointment request in Microsoft Office Outlook and send it to the

The steps are as follows:

  1. View your calendar
  2. Select New Appointment
  3. Invite the Board Room Request at Berry
  4. Please put your name and/or the group requesting in the Subject line.
  5. Specify how many people will be attending the meeting and what type of setup is required.
  6. Please put your extension or contact phone number in the Location Line.
  7. Select your date and time. (Check the availability of the Board Room under scheduling)
  8. Click send. View your calendar.

The President's Office is responsible (if specified before the meeting date):

  • for setting and cleaning up the board room upon leaving.
  • for setting up the teleconference phone, which is provided in the board room if needed, and for media needs such as an LCD projector or other items. Note- A screen is provided in the board room for projectors.