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Berry has a long history of distinguished guest speakers who have discussed important topics related to Christian faith and learning. 

It is the pleasure of the Chaplain’s Office to host guest speakers each semester who provide stimulating lectures and discussions on matters of faith and higher learning. These speakers come from a variety of backgrounds and speak on a variety of topics. Each guest brings together the student body, faculty, and the Rome community for an enriching learning experience. Below is a list of speakers for this academic year. Coming soon, visitors will be able to hear recordings of these excellent lectures. Be sure to visit frequently to get updates on the latest guests and topics.

 Guest Speakers 2022 - 2023

Sullivan.pngMonday, Jan. 30 at 7pm in Spruill Ballroom
Meghan Sullivan - "Faith and the Good Life"

Meghan Sullivan is a Collegiate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame. Sullivan is deeply interested in the ways philosophy contributes to God and the good life and introduces undergraduates to big philosophical questions concerning happiness, morality and meaning, and key methods for wrestling with them.

Fujimura.pngThursday and Friday, March 23-24, Locations will vary
Makoto and Haejin Shim Fujimura - "Faith, Art, and Justice"


Vanderweele-.pngThursday, Apr. 13 at 7pm in Spruill Ballroom
Tyler Vanderweele - "Faith and Human Flourishing"

Tyler Vanderweele is a Professor of Epidemiology and Director of the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University. His research spans psychiatric and social epidemiology; the science of happiness and flourishing; and the study of religion and health.

Past Guest Speakers

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