Berry College Chapels

Welcome to our stunning, historic campus where Berry College has more houses of worship than nearly any other college in America. Each beautiful building has a history and unique architecture that make our houses of worship, not only diverse, but also accessible to the many types of worshippers that occupy Berry and Rome.  These buildings are not just silent halls of days gone by, but all serve specific and current functions to this day.  The College Chapel houses our campus church services every Sunday night where the campus gathers to worship.  Barnwell is used by our Religious Life Groups and has a registered 24-Hour Prayer Room.  Alumni of the Possum Trot School gather every year for a special service at the Possum Trot Chapel and Frost is used year-round for worship services, Mountain Day Service, and small group gatherings.  Weddings and other special events are hosted in our chapels.  For information about booking any of these amazing buildings, see below.

Booking An Event:

The Chapels' primary purpose is to support the overall program of the college in fulfilling its three-fold mission of educating head, the heart, and the hands. Berry College reserves the right to schedule any or all of its chapels for college-sponsored programs or activities and may do so at any point up to one year in advance. Therefore, certain dates will be unavailable for scheduling weddings. The Campus Scheduling Office will make every effort to inform inquirers of these dates when the first inquiry is made; however, in cases of inquiries made more than one year in advance, such information may not be available. Therefore, NO wedding may be scheduled in a Berry College chapel earlier than one year in advance. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you may call and "pencil in" dates up to two years in advance. For information on scheduling a wedding in one of the Berry chapels, please contact the Campus Scheduling Office at 706-378-2880 or at