Roatan: Summer 2016

Day 10 - June 13 - Large animal encounter

We headed off early this morning (7:15) to Cara a Cara on the Southside of the island.  Once there, we descended to 70 ft. and were greeted by some 6 – 7 ft friends.  The students got to swim with the gray reef sharks for about 30 minutes before we had to back up against a coral ledge for the actual feeding.  After the feeding, a number of the students were able to find sharks teeth in the sand around the feeding bucket.  Everyone agreed it was a fantastic learning experience and they got to see sharks in a whole new light.

After our surface interval, we did another dive on the Southside of the island.  While not nearly the fish life as the previous dive, there were lots of sponges and interesting soft corals.  Then if was off to lunch on Maya Key and then back to RIMS for a lecture on sea turtles and some study time.