Roatan: Summer 2016

Day 13 - June 16 - Lab Exam, REEF Survey and Coral Farm Part II

We started the day with a dive at Wrasse Hole.  The students did their second REEF survey, so once they submit their results on-line, they will be certified level II fish observers with REEF.  While we were conducting the survey, Jennifer (Lab Director) collected more fragmented and broken coral pieces for the coral farm, We did the second dive at the coral farm and again the students helped hang the coral fragments and clean the existing coral pieces.  After lunch the students did the first part of the lab exam.  This was held out on the reef and the students had to snorkel to the various stations to provide answers on their slate.  It was a unique experience for most of the students.  After dinner we did part II of the exam, which was done back at RIMS using slides.  Then it was off to study for the final written exam that will be tomorrow morning.