Roatan: Summer 2016

Day 2 - June 5 - First Dives for the class

We started out the day with a good breakfast (7 am) and the got our dive gear together for the check out dive.  For most this was the first time diving in the Caribbean and it was agreed to by all that it was nicer than freshwater dive sites (and a whole lot warmer – 84oF).  Besides starting to learn the various species of corals, the students saw a nurse shark, a small southern stingray, and larges schools of Blue Tang and Creole Wrasse.  Jennifer (Director of the Marine Lab) gave an afternoon talk on methods for monitoring the coral reefs and then it was off to dinner.  This evening’s lecture was on geological history of reefs, reef types and basic biology of corals.  Tomorrow we head to Maya Key for coral identification training and a visit to the wildlife rehab center.