Roatan: Summer 2018

Day 1 - June 2 - Travel Day

All of us arrived at the airport on time and anxiously awaited the start of our adventure. Between missing crew members and the held over passengers from last night’s rain delays, we were two hours late leaving Atlanta. While waiting, the Delta Captain came out and met with passengers and took time for a photo with the students. We finally made it to the island safely and with all our luggage. After a quick trip to the Key to find our rooms, we listened to the orientation from Jennifer (the Director of the Marine Lab). Then it was back to our rooms to unpack before heading to dinner (pork kabobs or red snapper) and then a short talk about tomorrow activities. Everyone was pretty tired, so it was off to bed early. We will start the day tomorrow with a check-out dive, work on buoyancy, and then some basic coral identification.