Roatan: Summer 2018

Day 11 - June 12 - Wreck dive and Coral Watch

We started the day off with a dive on the El Aquila, a shipwreck that is located just off the reef opening at Anthony’s Key. Sunk in 1997, this is one of the most popular wreck dives around Roatan. After checking out the wreck, we paused for a group photo on the bow, and then we headed for the shallows to complete the remainder of the dive. Our afternoon was spent helping Jennifer at the coral farm. Students each chose a coral tree and with scrub brushes and toothbrushes, cleaned the algae off the trees and from around the coral. In addition, we helped to place the five new trees that were purchased from the funds from our BerryFunder site. The night dive was somewhat uneventful, but the strings of pearls were beautiful, and we did see a couple octopuses. Everyone enjoyed their last night dive of the trip and were glad that no jellyfish greeted us at the boat!