Roatan: Summer 2018

Day 3 - June 4 - Maya Key

We began Day 3 with a lecture from Jennifer about the history of the coral restoration project (coral farm) here at AKR.  Our class will take part in the reef restoration efforts tomorrow, so this was a great introduction.  After lecture we were happy to see the sun break through the clouds and loaded up for our trip to Maya Key.  Along the way, we stopped for our first dive of the day on a fringing reef area close to shore.  Labeled markers were placed with the names of the different corals written on them.  The students swam around to the labeled corals, so they could learn to identify them on sight.  Once back on the surface, we continued our trek to Maya Key for lunch, a tour of the Wildlife Rehab Facility and a look into Mayan history.  Then it was back to the boat and off to our second dive of the day, where everyone got to impress Dr. Davin with their coral recognition skills.  After a tour of the reef, it was back to the resort for some down time, dinner and of course a lecture.