Roatan: Summer 2018

Day 4 - June 5 - Coral Tree Construction and Species ID

Today we awoke to sunshine and fair skies. After breakfast the students had a short site lecture, and then we loaded the boat for our two dives this morning. On today’s dives, the students were looking for the sponges and invertebrates on their list of species to learn. In addition to identifying as many of their list species as possible, we saw turtles (lots of turtles), black durgon, a trumpet fish or two, and a huge rainbow parrotfish. Once back at AKR, we had lunch, and then met back at the Marine Lab to put together the five coral trees Berry raised the funds to purchase. All five will be added to the Coral Restoration “Farm” later next week. Then it was off to another lecture on coral and fish monitoring, dinner and the final lecture of the day.