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When considering college costs, be sure to look past the published sticker price. Colleges and universities offer various forms of financial assistance to lower costs for families.

So here’s our advice: Apply and see what you qualify for. Why? Berry invests heavily in making sure that students from a wide variety of financial backgrounds have access to an education with lifelong value, awarding more than $43 million each year in scholarships and aid. It’s a priority that goes back to our founding and remains an essential core of our mission.

The vast majority of Berry students receive financial assistance from a variety of sources: Berry scholarships, need-based financial aid from Berry or government grants.

Berry has a lot to offer, and our graduates affirm that their investment in Berry is worth every penny. In fact, 99% of our graduating students say their Berry education led to a job or acceptance to graduate or professional school.

It’s important to weigh the long-term value of your education:

  • Where will it lead you?
  • What skills and experiences will it provide?
  • What connections will it create?
  • What doors will it open?

Six Case Studies: How Students Were Able to Afford Berry

Every year, a variety of students and their families choose Berry. We’d like to share a selection of actual student/family scenarios. Keep in mind that every family’s situation is unique, and our counselors and financial aid team work diligently to answer questions about scholarships, financial aid and financing options. To explore the types of scholarships and get an estimate of how much merit and need-based aid you might receive from Berry, we encourage you to use our net price calculators. In addition to our merit scholarships and need-based aid, approximately 20% of entering students typically qualify for signature scholarships that may meet full need.

  1. Supplementing family resources with merit-based scholarship and aid: A student from Florida was drawn to Berry because of the community and the opportunity to work on campus. She had helped her parents with a successful family-owned business and believed that Berry fostered the same entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic. With significant family financial resources, the student did not qualify for need-based aid. However, she was awarded a Dean’s Scholarship based on her top-tier academic performance. She was also selected to participate in the Leadership Fellows Scholarship Program.
  2. Academic + need-based scholarships offset costs: A student from Pennsylvania chose Berry because of the campus beauty and opportunities available to students in the pre-veterinary program. She had significant experience as a volunteer and veterinary assistant in high school. As a mid-range academic student with some financial need, she received an academic scholarship plus need-based aid funded by Berry’s Alumni and Friends donor network.
  3. Putting together a package with scholarships + federal and state grants: A student from metro Atlanta lost both of his parents at a young age and was pursuing a college education with almost no financial resources. He was looking for a campus where he could find immediate community and encouragement through strong mentorship. As a mid-range academic student, he received an academic scholarship and was selected for a mentorship-based signature scholarship program that made a Berry education possible. He also qualified for Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship, Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant and a full Pell Grant.
  4. Supplementing family’s financial resources with scholarships: A student from Tennessee was interested in creative design opportunities available through Viking Fusion (Berry’s student-run media platform) and the Berry College Theatre Company. As a mid-range academic student, he was awarded an academic scholarship. His family had financial resources and were also willing to finance a portion of his education through student loans. Through regular contact with his admission counselor, the student learned of additional opportunities for aid, including a theatre scholarship to round out his aid offer.
  5. Athlete leverages academic scholarship + federal and state grants: A student from metro Atlanta learned about Berry as a recruited athlete. His desire to pursue a liberal arts education with a degree in history while participating in a successful sports program made Berry his number one choice. Falling in the middle range academically, he earned an academic scholarship and qualified for Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship and Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant. Coming from a family with financial need, he also qualified for a partial Pell Grant and received generous need-based aid funded by Berry’s Alumni and Friends donor network.
  6. High academic performer and leader closes financial gap with collection of scholarships: Coming from a small high school, a middle-Georgia student originally wanted to attend a large state university. But on touring Berry, she immediately found her fit in the close-knit community. As a high academic performer, she qualified for an academic scholarship, but her family needed additional resources to cover her college expenses. With a history of work and leadership experience, she received Berry’s Gate of Opportunity Scholarship. After working with her Berry admission counselor and high school guidance office, she bridged the financial gap with a collection of local scholarships.
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