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Completing the FAFSA

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Please complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for federal student aid such as federal grants, work-study funds and loans. In addition, Berry uses your FAFSA information to determine eligibility for state and institutional aid.

April 22, 2024 FAFSA Update

The FAFSA is live, and many families are reporting they have successfully completed the FAFSA. Berry encourages all prospective and returning students to complete the FAFSA at studentaid.gov by May 1 for maximum consideration of all aid.

Berry College is receiving valid FAFSA results and is packaging students with Official Financial Aid Offers as we receive valid results. The Department of Education is still identifying and fixing errors that are causing many FAFSA results to be invalid. If you HAVE NOT filed the FAFSA, please do so now to help us finalize your Financial Aid Offers.

FOR NEW STUDENTS (Fall 24 Freshmen and Transfers)

Berry has received many FAFSA results and has packaged students with official financial aid offers for those that are valid. As official Financial Aid offers are generated and mailed, students will receive a message instructing them on how to view their Financial Aid offer online.

We have messaged families that need to take action to fix their FAFSA. If you have not received an official financial aid offer or instructions to fix your FAFSA, we are awaiting the recalculation of your FAFSA results from the Department of Education.

Once we receive actionable FAFSA results, we will send official Financial Aid Offers. If your FAFSA contains errors that require you to take action, we will reach out directly with next steps.

Here is the link to complete the 2024-25 FAFSA if you haven't already done so - 2024-25 FAFSA


Berry will be automatically renewing all Institutional grants and scholarships for students currently enrolled. In other words, the Berry aid you receive today will continue so long as the student is making satisfactory academic progress. With the new FAFSA, many more families are likely to qualify for federal Pell Grants so completing the FAFSA is more important for returning families than ever.


  1. Complete the 2024-25 FAFSA — May 1 is our priority deadline
  2. The Financial Aid office will begin issuing financial aid offers containing Berry and State grants eligible for renewal on March 15.
  3. Once official FAFSA results are received, financial aid offers will be updated with Federal Pell Grants and loan eligibility.


We are hearing that most families have been successfully completing the simplified FAFSA. Over the course of the past month, we have heard from families on common FAFSA questions or hiccups they are working through. If you see an issue you have experienced, we encourage you to try these tips!

The FAFSA will ask your permission to securely transfer tax information from the 2022 tax year. All students (if you filed taxes that year) and parents/contributors should use this tool to ensure the FAFSA has less errors. Plus, it makes completing the FAFSA easier!

We have heard reports from families that when the parent/contributor begins the FAFSA, and invites the student, there may be an issue that arises with locating that student if they just recently created their FSA ID. To avoid this issue, we encourage the student to begin the application first.

We wait! Encourage your contributor to complete their section of the FAFSA as soon as possible. Once it is done, it will go to the Department of Education for processing.

When you submit your section as the student, that does not finalize the FAFSA. Make sure your parent/contributor completes their section as well. You can track the status of your FAFSA application through the email confirmation you receive once you begin the application.

If you are experiencing this issue, you are not alone. While parents without a social security number should be able to set up an FSA ID/contribute to their students FAFSA, this is a common issue happening. Currently there is not a resolution for this issue, but we encourage you to persist with filing the FAFSA and contact Federal Student Aid for assistance.

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