Community Service

In an effort to embrace the philanthropic spirit of Lettie Pate Whitehead, this scholarship program places great emphasis on giving back to the community through volunteer service. Currently our community partners are Bagwell Food Pantry (in affiliation with Action Ministries Rome) and Riverwood Senior Living. 

At Bagwell Food Pantry, Whitehead Scholars are committed to the specific program known as Backpack Buddies, which provides weekend meal packages for underprivileged elementary students in Floyd County. These children face food insecurities and often don’t know when they will get their next meal, especially on the weekends when they aren’t attending school. Thus, Backpack Buddies provides them with guaranteed meal options containing high nutritional value.

Whitehead Scholars help package the lunches and prepare them for delivery to a local elementary school. Occasionally, scholars are also able to assist with distributing the lunches to these children, which provides scholars the opportunity to see the faces on the receiving end of the service they are completing.

Riverwood Senior Living is a nursing home in the Rome community that provides exceptional care and service to its residents. The staff creates a welcoming atmosphere that builds relationships and fosters community. Riverwood plans daily events for their residents and their families by inviting the Rome community in and hosting a wide variety of activities such as live music, dancing, bingo, paint parties and reading books aloud. 

The Whitehead Scholars assist with the planning, organizing and partaking for these events. Scholars also have the space to listen and learn about the senior community as well as their life experiences. Riverwood Senior Living gives members of the community an opportunity to do fun activities and form friendships with people who they might not have the chance to otherwise do so. Whitehead Scholars have the amazing opportunity to serve with Riverwood Senior Living and bring joy to their community. 

Working with Backpack Buddies and Riverwood allows Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholars to have a positive impact on the Rome/Floyd community while also strengthening the community of scholars within the program as they serve alongside each other and share the love of Christ.


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