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Applying to BCC 300

To participate in the Signature Experience Program and take BCC 300: Signature Seminar, students will submit an application that will be reviewed by the Director of the Signature Experience Program. This application serves a dual purpose: 

  1. As the student’s first step in deeper thinking and reflection on their Signature Learning Experience
  2. As a check to ensure the student will complete or is completing a Signature Learning Experience. 

Students can submit applications before, during, or after they participate in what they feel is (or will be) their Signature Learning Experience while at Berry College – see “What’s an SLE?” page for more details on what these experiences might be.

Applications should be submitted to the Provost’s office before registration opens for the semester in which you’d like to take the class. Accepted students will enroll in a BCC 300: Signature Experience Seminar course that has been curated to reflect diversity of SLEs and majors and minors.