Silver & blue

Silver & Blue is a unique philanthropy program that teaches Berry students the importance of giving. As a vital part of an education focused on the “head, heart, and hands,” the program encourages our students to give time and resources to upcoming generations of Berry students. 

Each student is asked to give an annual donation reflecting his or her class year, for example, $20.15 for the class of 2015, through monthly payroll deduction from work. As students give a small amount each month during their four years at Berry, the money accumulates into a Senior Class Gift that the graduating class awards as a scholarship to a deserving freshman.  

The program further encourages students to give their time in service to worthwhile projects while at Berry. Events such as Freshmen Service Day and Scholarship Night give our students an opportunity to be involved in projects that demonstrate the importance of helping and showing generosity to others. In doing so, our students learn the incredible rewards that come from developing a giving attitude. They also come to appreciate the contributions others have made to make their own education possible. 

Silver & Blue is also a lot of fun! The program sponsors such events as basketball tailgates, cookouts, concerts and lots more. We encourage our new Berry students to get to know the Silver & Blue representative for their class to receive more information on how to be involved. 

To get involved, email