Annual Achievements

SRELC First Graduating ClassResults for the 2015-2016 year were exemplary! 

The 18 three-year-old children enrolled in the first class were informally assessed weekly through teacher observations and the children’s work samples. The lead teacher formally assessed the children in January 2016 and May 2016 using the Georgia Educational Learning and Development Standards (GELDS). All 18 children met the 3 year-old benchmarks in Communication, Language and Literacy (Early Reading Strand) and will be moving to Pre-K 4 classrooms on track for early reading.

Fourteen of the eighteen children in the first class have been enrolled in the next Pre-K 4 class at Anna K. David Elementary School. Two of the children will be enrolling in Pre-K4 classes in other Rome City Schools. Two of the children will be enrolling in Pre-K4 classes in other school districts.  

 All 18 parents/guardians attended at least seven of the eleven parent involvement activities scheduled during the year.  Eight of the 18 attended all eleven of the events scheduled. We were extremely pleased with the attendance and participation of the parents.  Many of these parents did not have good school experiences themselves and now feel comfortable talking with the teachers and visiting the classrooms on a regular basis. We offered a program called Circle of Security that helps parents learn about the joys and challenges of raising three-year-olds.  Many grandparents also attended these parenting sessions.

The South Rome Early Learning Center is an innovative approach to community investment in education and already has garnered enthusiastic support. The Rome City Schools provide three classrooms and invest $38,000 each year for each classroom.  Berry College invests $70,000 in teacher and instructional support. Contributions for literacy materials and technology totaling over $60,000 have come from the Rome Rotary Clubs and Georgia Power. Individual and other corporate sponsors have raised over $30,000 in scholarships to keep the tuition affordable for the families.

Dr. Jacqueline McDowell
Dean, Assistant Provost for External Relations
Charter School of Education and Human Sciences