The Student Government Association represents the student body in various ways to the administration, faculty and staff of Berry.

By virtue of being enrolled at Berry College, every student is a member of the Student Government Association (SGA). Membership entitles all students to attend the weekly SGA meetings and to take full part in all discussions during the meetings. For students desiring to have a voting right or to serve on committees, they may seek to be elected as a representative from their residence hall (or from among commuters), from one of their clubs, or from the student body at-large.

Student representatives are elected and serve as the SGA Body. Representatives keep their constituents informed about SGA, bring student concerns before SGA, attend weekly meetings, and help with the SGA's numerous projects, services, and events. Being a representative allows students to gain experience in the democratic process, to be actively involved in campus decision-making, and to serve the Berry community and its interests.

Students desiring to be more involved may serve on one of SGA's committees, or may be appointed to a College Committee and Council. (The previous link is part of the Intranet server on Berry Campus, if you are viewing this page from off campus than the link will not be available to you. We apologize for the inconvenience but it is beyond our control.) 

Hall representatives are elected by their residence hall floor-mates at the beginning of each year. Depending on the club or organization, club representatives are elected either at the end of each academic year, or at the beginning of each new academic year. At-large and Commuter representatives are elected in September of each year in an SGA meeting.

If you are interested on who is representing you, please view our  College Committee and Council (to view this page, you must be on campus).

If you have a concern, question, complaint, suggestion or compliment about any aspect of Berry, let SGA know.

If you would like more information about becoming a representative or serving on a committee, please contact SGA.