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As a registered student organization there are many resources available to your group. The Student Activities Office and SGA work together to help keep you informed and organized.

The following services are provided by the Student Government Association.


Student Organizations are required to complete the following requirement during the academic year in order to remain a recognized group:

  • SGA CREDITS – Must complete TWO

A SGA credit is an event that SGA sponsors. You must have one representative present to get   a credit. SGA Credits will be announced at SGA meetings when available for clubs and organizations.

  • VOLUNTEER CREDITS- Must complete TWO

A volunteer credit is a service event off-campus. You must have five representatives present to get a credit. You may get BCVS to help you find a place to get involved.  You must get the event approved by SGA and you must complete the paperwork on VikingWeb in order to receive credit.

  • EVENT CREDIT- Must complete ONE

An event credit is an event that is open to campus to enhance campus life. Organizations must have event approved in advance with the SGA Office and follow up after event to complete paperwork. Organizations must also provide a copy of the advertising flyer/e-mail.


Each organization is required to miss no more than five SGA meetings per year.


Organizations must submit membership rosters to the Student Activities office, both fall and spring semesters.


Groups are required to register each year through the Student Activities Office to help maintain updated club information as well as officer contacts.


Organizations must maintain at least 10 active members each year.


Student Activity Fees (SAF) are allocated by the SGA Budget and Finance Committee and are to be used according to the policies set forth by SGA. Organizations are encouraged to request funds in the spring prior to the next academic year; fees should include needs for the next fall and spring. If funding is still available requests may be submitted during the year as unexpected needs arise.


The SGA Treasurer oversees funding and budget needs for organizations. The SGA Student Accountant verifies transactions for each club to help keep budgets updates and accurate. Organization Treasurers and Advisors receive updates once a month via campus mail.


All forms are available in the SGA Office and Student Activities Office. Forms must be submitted to SGA when complete.


Cash advances are used if a student organization officer is unable to pay for expenses out-of-   pocket but instead needs the money up front. Advances are also typically used when an organization is travelling.


Expense Vouchers are used to reimburse a student organization member or Advisor for costs related to an organization event, trip or operating expense. Expense vouchers are also used when a cash advance was used for purchases.


Purchase Orders are used to pay companies or individuals for providing a product or service to your organization. They are also used for making a donation or sponsorship of someone/thing. An invoice and W-9 from the company or individual is needed to process a purchase order.


To deposit money, clubs can fill out a deposit form and take it to the Cashier’s Window in Hermann Hall along with the money/checks for depositing. Organizations typically earn money through membership dues, fundraising, donations or sponsorships. This money remains with the student organization and rolls over with each fiscal year.


Waivers are used by student organizations when your group is traveling or participating in or hosting an activity that may contain some risk or liability.

The following services are provided by the Student Activities Office.


The Student Activities Office conducts various meetings and workshops during the year to help train organization officers. At the beginning of the year, all Presidents’ and one additional officer participate in officer training and then periodic President’s meetings are held throughout the year to update groups.  Additionally, Advisor workshops are held to support those faculty and staff who assist our student organizations.


The Student Activities Office wants your group to be the best it can be! Leadership tools and resources are available in the SAO or upon request. Find information on team building, conflict resolution, officer training, budget management, recruiting and retaining members or simple come talk with us about what you have in mind for your group…we’re here to listen, guide and support.


As a registered organization you have access to the Student Activities equipment. This includes items like the popcorn machine, gaming systems, sound equipment, projectors, outdoor movie screen and more! All items are free for student groups and available for any event you are planning. Stop by the SAO to view the list of all equipment available; reservations are made on a first come first serve bases via Berry’s Event Management System (EMS), ems.berry.edu/virtualEMS/.


An updated organization manual is coming soon to the Viking Web Student Organization Group page! For now, we encourage you to ask your advisor and Student Activities staff for guidance with

events or other things your organization may be interested in pursuing. Also remember the Viking Code of Conduct can always be found on the Berry webpage under Student Life, Student Handbook.


  • Local t-shirt contacts
  • Publicity ideas and resources
  • Mass email distribution (for you event emails)
  • Student Organization Officer Lists & Contacts
  • Movie showings licensing rights
  • Contract assistance & signatory
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