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Facility and Event Scheduling

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Berry College is fortunate to have a campus of significant beauty and scope. While some facilities have specialized use, all buildings and land belong to the college and use is determined by the college. The primary purpose of the college's land and facilities is to serve as locations for academic academic and operational activities. College sponsored events are given the highest priority for facility reservations and use of space.

Some college facilities are available for public gatherings of a non-profit, civic, social or educational character in a responsible manner, without cost to Berry College or interference with college activities. The college reserves the right to decline any public request for use of space. 

While general use policies are listed here, facility costs and additional policies for specific facilities may apply and will be communicated through the reservation process. Alcohol is not permitted for any event on campus. All policies apply to students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests of the college and the college expects courteous behavior towards all members of the campus community and respectful use of the college’s facilities.

Academic classes are scheduled through the Registrar’s Office (706-236-2282) and all non-academic scheduling is coordinated through the Campus Scheduling Office (706-378-2880).

Groups interested in overnight accommodations and conference space during the months of May through July work with the Camps and Conferences staff in the Residence Life Office (706-236-2209).

Contact and Reservation Information

Campus Scheduling Office: Krannert 337
Phone: 706-378-2880
Fax: 706-378-2890

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