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Do you have to be a Berry Alumni to get married in one of the chapels?

We do have a Berry affiliation requirement for two of our chapels, College Chapel and Frost Chapel. Our third chapel, Barnwell Chapel, is open to both Berry affiliated and members of the community.

Affiliation Requirements for College Chapel and Frost Chapel:

  1. Student presently enrolled, who has completed at least one year of study
  2. Berry Faculty/Staff (present and former) and their children
  3. Berry Alumni and their children
  4. Members of the Board of Trustees, Board of Visitors, and official advisory councils and their children

What is the Rental Fee for a wedding in one of the chapels?

The rental fee for the College Chapel is $800 and the rental fee for Frost Chapel is $700. Both require a deposit of $500. Barnwell Chapel's rental fee is $450. We require a $400 security deposit for each chapel. In addition to the rental fee, Liability Insurance is required for use of the chapels or any of our other on-campus event facilities. The Campus Scheduling Office can provide the contact information and costs for insurance coverage through a local provider or the person making the reservation can provide proof of personal coverage.

Can you have outdoor weddings and receptions on campus?

We know the campus makes a beautiful backdrop for any event; however, outdoor weddings and receptions are not allowed on campus.

If I reserve one of the chapels for a wedding, how much time will I have access to the chapel for decorating, for the rehearsal, for photographs and for the ceremony?

On the day of your rehearsal the chapel will be available from 5:00 p.m. On the day of your ceremony, the chapel will be available from 8:00 am until one hour following your ceremony. There are occasionally situations when these times will need to be adjusted due to other events; however, the Campus Scheduling Office will communicate this with you if this is the case. 

What payment options do I have?

Payments may be made by cash or check. Checks should be written to Berry College with the event and venue noted on the check memo line.

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