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At Berry, you will find a community of mentors dedicated to your personal and professional success. Students work closely with faculty, staff and peers to explore their interests and ambitions, and our cohort programs accelerate these relationships by introducing new students to individuals who can enrich and enlarge their college experience. The Guide Program connects students with professional staff members called “guides” who help students navigate their college experience. Guides help students integrate the advice they receive from academic advisers, work supervisors, career counselors and others.


Recent research shows that students who receive support from a faculty advisor AND a secondary staff member are more likely to be successful in and after college. In addition to receiving one-on-one mentorship from their Guide, participants also have the opportunity to connect with other students in the program through workshops and socials. Select students are invited to the program, and participation is voluntary. Students who wish to participate complete an interest form that informs the Guide-matching process.


Similar to those guiding in nature, Guides in the college context help students navigate their four-year path to graduation. Guides are Berry staff members who are:

  • Concerned with students’ success and goals for the future
  • Experts in the Berry experience or journey, but do not do the work for students
  • Equipped to assess whether students have acclimated to the new college climate while preparing for new obstacles

As the college journey continues, Guides and students continually reflect on progress. It is our hope that as students look back from the summit of graduation, they know more about themselves, about the world around them, and their potential as they begin their next big adventure. If you are an interested student and would like to be nominated, talk to your admissions counselor OR let us know by sending an email to

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