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The nature of the traffic violation and fine will be noted on the ticket. Overdue fines will be deducted from payroll checks of students working on campus or charged to personal accounts.

Drivers receiving a maximum of five parking violation tickets or three moving violation tickets may have their privilege of operating a motor vehicle restricted or possibly removed for the remainder of the year. This includes immobilization (booting) or towing.   

Tickets are cumulative for the entire academic year. Upon receiving a fifth citation, the offender will be designated a frequent violator. All frequent violator fines are a minimum of $100 each. Any further violations may result in booting of vehicle, and the owner referred for campus judiciary sanctions.

Unregistered vehicles with outstanding tickets will be immobilized (booted).

Fines may be paid at the Cashier’s window in Hermann Hall during normal business hours. Fines may so be payroll deducted or charged to personal accounts. 

A student who is delinquent in payment of fines is subject to the following penalties:

  1. Ineligibility for subsequent semester registration
  2. Non-issuance of grades, transcripts or degrees
  3. Revocation of campus driving privileges
  4. Vehicle impoundment
  5. Further appropriate disciplinary action

The person in whose name the automobile is registered will be held responsible for all parking violations charged to that vehicle. The driver of a motor vehicle will be held responsible for any moving violations.

The Traffic Appeals Form is located on VikingWeb under the Forms and Reports tab. All traffic appeal forms must be turned into the Campus Police Parking Services office (located in The Welcome Center) no later than five business days from when the ticket was written.  

The Traffic Appeals Panel, selected by the president and composed of faculty, staff and students, will be the sole body to hear appeals for traffic and parking violations. Written appeals MUST be submitted within five business days of the date of violation notice. Persons desiring to present an oral appeal before the panel must schedule an appointment within five business days of the violation notice.

Decisions made by the appeals committee are final and cannot be re-appealed.

Traffic Appeal Form

Traffic Code Policy


If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident call the Communications Center (Main Gate) at Ext. 2262. Let the dispatcher know if there are any injuries and the location of the accident. A police officer will be sent to the scene to investigate the accident and make a written report. The officer will call for any assistance needed (wrecker, ambulance, etc.) 

No matter how minor the damage, the accident should be reported to Campus Police for a report to be taken. We can not write an accident report after the fact. If all parties involved work out an agreement on damages and later on someone changes their mind, you will have the report to file with the insurance companies. Most insurance companies require a police report to settle claims.

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