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While all Berry students are permitted to have a car on campus, Berry encourages students to take bikes or the provided Campus Transportation to and from class. The following services and information are available to facilitate effective transportation on campus.


Berry provides one on-campus bus that is available to transport students to and from class to the Krannert Center at mealtimes, to Cultural Events, and Mountain Campus. 

There is one route to cover Main Campus. The route is designed to provide rides to everyone on Main campus ranging from Ford to Molem. The bus also will accommodate riders from Mountain Campus and Oak Hill. Students can feel free to contact the number on a bus stop sign and request a ride if needed.

This is a map of the bus route.


Berry’s campus is conducive to biking, and students are encouraged to take advantage of this alternative mode of transportation. Bikes must be registered with Campus Police and stored in the designated bike racks that are positioned outside of campus buildings. For bikers’ convenience, the Student Government Association has placed several self-service stations around campus (in front of Krannert and Dana, at the Ford Complex, and on Viking Trail). These stations are equipped with screwdrivers, wrenches, an air pump, and other tools needed for basic repairs and maintenance. For more complex repair needs, Viking Cycle Works is a Student Enterprise that can repair bikes and replace parts as needed. They also provide bike storage during the summer for $15.

If you need any assistance with repair stations, please reach out to the Student Government Association,

Campus Transportation Information

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