Learning Outcomes

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As a four-year residential community, we believe that the learning that takes place outside of the classroom is a complement to the lessons learned within the classroom. These lessons may take place through casual interaction, roommate relationships, programming in the residence halls, policy and procedure enforcement or simply having a safe place to learn more about oneself and others.

Our commitment in Residence Life is to provide opportunities to explore:

Personal Development: Students will adjust to independence and increase awareness of their role and impact in the Berry and Rome communities.

Examples Include:

  • Active Community Membership
  • Displaying Ownership of Actions
  • Establishing a Balanced Lifestyle
  • Taking Initiative to Solve Problems
  • Recognizing the Importance of Community Standards

Inter/Intrapersonal Competence: Students will cultivate effective communication and conflict resolution skills to foster a support network.

Examples Include:

  • Engagement in Authentic Dialogue
  • Giving and Taking Constructive Criticism
  • Speaking and Listening Respectfully
  • Voicing Needs
  • Articulating Goals and Objectives
  • Setting Boundaries for the Living Environment

Social Responsibility: Students will further develop identity by recognizing a greater responsibility beyond the individual.

Examples Include:

  • Striving for Common Welfare
  • Understanding Personal Identity
  • Investment in Others
  • Respecting and Appreciating Diversity

Civic Responsibility: Students will capitalize on foundational experiences as preparation for life beyond Berry.

Examples Include:

  • Confidence in Career Preparation
  • Readiness for Transition
  • Engagement in Berry’s Future
  • Global Citizenship
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