Leadership Programs

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Berry’s student leadership programs strive to develop responsible campus and community leaders through the use of leadership education (head), experiential learning opportunities (hands) and community/civic engagement initiatives (heart). There are many opportunities to exercise leadership skills available to all students at Berry.  


  1. Encourage student involvement in on- and off-campus leadership, civic engagement and service opportunities
  2. Explore and understand various leadership styles
  3. Identify personal leadership approach
  4. Share the history and various leadership theories
  5. Investigate ethical, moral and cultural practices in leadership
  6. Assist in development of personal leadership skills (i.e. goal setting, time management)
  7. Assist in development of organizational skills (i.e. group dynamics, collaboration)
  8. Provide networking opportunities
  9. Recognize leadership accomplishments

If you would like more details on how to get involved in these programs contact Cecily Crow, Director, Student Activities at 706.236.2293. 

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