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Our Mission Statement

AgriEducation is a student operated enterprise that provides education to various age groups about different aspects of agriculture through interactive and engaging dairy and wildlife tours. Our Wildlife in My Backyard Tour presents unique facts and insights about the wildlife in our world. During this tour, students will embark on a nature walk and can touch different animal skins that they learn about. In our Dairy Tour, students will learn about the life cycle of the cow. They will begin with calving and learn all the way up through the milking process, all at the Rollins Dairy Unit.

Tour Options

  • Wildlife in My Backyard - explore wildlife that can commonly be found in your backyard (Grades Pre-k through 5th grade, minimum group size of 8)  
  • Dairy Tour - experiencing the life cycle of a cow from calves to the milking process (Grades Pre-k through 8th grade, minimum group size of 8)