Angus Beef Logo

The Berry Farms Angus Beef creates the opportunity for consumers to enjoy quality natural Angus beef from cattle raised by the hands of students. Berry Angus beef is raised at Berry College, which guarantees that the product is Black Angus, natural, raised with no added hormones or steroids, and is processed at a United States Department of Agriculture inspected facility to ensure quality. Berry Angus provides a 100% Black Angus beef product for retail sales. The Black Angus breed is known for delivering a phenomenal eating experience. Combine this with the fact that Berry Angus beef contains no artificial ingredients or additives, and the quality becomes unmatched by the local market. These outstanding product features allow the students of Berry Angus to take pride in their enterprise. Students from all disciplines are eager to have the unique opportunity to obtain real-world business experience while providing the market with a high quality product. 

Directions to Office:

  • Enter Berry College Campus and take the first right on the roundabout.
  • Drive towards the Ford complex and take a left at the fork.
  • Continue past Ford complex until you see a small, black sign on your right that says “Rollins Ruminant Research Center.”
  • Take a right at the sign and take this road all the way to the end.
  • This road dead ends at our offices.