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Blue Hen Eggs provides a healthy, local option for fresh eggs to restaurants and the Rome/Floyd community. We sell fresh, cage free eggs by the dozen in recyclable cartons. Our eggs are brown and medium size in accordance with the USDA standards.

Our hens live in a movable house called a “chicken tractor” where they can roost and lay their eggs. They spend their days foraging for fresh grass and insects. The chicken tractor is relocated to fresh pasture every Sunday. The grazing rotation includes the Season’s Harvest orchard where the hens’ droppings increase the productivity of the trees and land.

Farm fresh eggs have gorgeous orange yolks and a delicious, rich flavor. The beautiful orange color is the result of a grass diet.  Fresh eggs are healthy, and make excellent light and fluffy baked goods. Eggs will be available by the dozen at $4. If you would like to have your name placed on our email list click the "Join Our Email List" button to the left.