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Is the Enterprise Program part of Berry’s Entrepreneurship Program?

The two programs are grouped together under C-SEED (the Center for Student Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development). However, they function differently.

Through the Entrepreneurship Program, students take a class where they are provided with a small amount of seed money to start their own business. The ventures launched through this program remain the intellectual property of the student.

Through the Enterprise Program, the focus is centered around growing and maintaining existing small businesses (though new Enterprises are also launched periodically). Enterprises are not owned by students; they remain within the program indefinitely. This structure is beneficial because it immediately provides students with opportunities to:

  • Experience business ownership without risking their own assets
  • Manage budgets of up to $80,000
  • Learn what it’s like to operate businesses housed under a collective umbrella

How do I start an enterprise?

Begin by emailing Ben Lord, Enterprise Student Director, at to set up a meeting. At the meeting, you will discuss all aspects of the potential business idea. He will explain the startup process in-depth and help you analyze your idea and determine viability before directing you to conversations with the appropriate on-campus stakeholders. From there, there are a series of “gates” to pass through as your idea takes form (the support team will guide you through the process).

How do I join the team?

We notify students about open job positions via campus-wide emails. However, we look for students who take initiative, so we welcome emails with job inquiries/resume submissions ( Inquiries of this nature may lead to early access to available jobs.

How many Enterprises are there?

16, including the Support Team, which provides consulting services such as marketing and accounting to the other 15 businesses.

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