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This is a shared services team which provides support services to all student enterprises and serves as the liaison to various institution departments, including the Finance office, Marketing and Public Relations office, and General Counsel. The composition of the team includes a corporate leadership team and various operations teams (PODS) working directly with each enterprise, and is fashioned in a conglomerate model. Positions include consultants in these areas of expertise:

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Business Management
  • Risk Management
  • Process Improvement 
  • Web Design/Maintenance
  • Marketing/Communications  
  • Training
  • Business start-up

New student-operated enterprises require an excited, passionate student team and a staff/faculty co-manager willing to work closely with the group. Keeping the Berry mission, potential funding, potential for success, and amount of work involved in mind, the student team contacts the student Director for the Berry Enterprises Student Team (B.E.S.T.) to submit the enterprise idea and to schedule a meeting time to discuss the proposal, which begins the ‘Gating Process’.