Cultural House

The Cultural House, formerly known as Robinwood Cottage, is open to all students as a place to learn, and grow as a community at Berry College. Under the Year of Service initiative, the Cultural House provides opportunities to engage students in dialogue around topics of social justice, diversity, inclusion, and civility.  Office of Residence Life invites select groups to present their proposal. Cultural House selection is based on the quality and strength of the application, the commitment, and the organization of the house members to service, and the group presentation. Residents of the house are able to work alongside other community organizations such as: the Language House and the Multicultural and International Student Programs Office. Members must also serve in the following service days sponsored by Berry College: Make a Difference Day and MLK Service Day. Students applying must be in good academic standing with the college in addition to reviewing academic and conduct records. During the academic year, participants have to remain in good academic standing throughout the semester and exhibit behavior conductive to the service environment. 

For more information, please look into the Year of Service.