Student Organizations

Black Student Association

Started in 1971, the purpose of Black Student Association (BSA) has been to build a community among students on campus to enrich the lives of club members and students campus wide through educational and informative programming.  Meetings include discussions on current and historical events along with common stereotypes/misconceptions, how Blacks and others respond or should respond to things that are happening today, and finding ways to educate and do programs about African American/Black culture campus wide. All students interested in Black culture or who have a desire to know more are welcomed to join. Throughout the year, BSA sponsors and co-sponsors activities and speakers to support the organization’s mission. A sample of events are: fundraising for and participating in the Atlanta Aids Walk, ¡Espuma!, and movies and discussions led by Berry faculty. 

BSA Atlanta Aids Awareness Walk

Berry College In His Name Gospel Choir 

In His Name Gospel Choir

In His Name, a college Gospel choir, was founded in 2004.  Started by a group students, our mission continues to spread God’s Word through ministering by way of song to the Berry community and other neighboring communities.  Meeting a few times each week, In His Name is a great way for students who are interested in or love the Gospel genre of music to come together and fellowship.

Mission Statement: To spread God’s word through ministering by way of song to the Berry community and other neighboring communities.  

In His Name Fall Performance


Orgullo: pride 1. [prahyd] noun,: A feeling of pleasure and satisfaction at one's achievements, possessions, family etc.

Orgullo is an organization that originally started in the fall of 2006 by Berry students Genny Castillo and Nayu Gutierrez.

Mission Statement: To raise Awareness in the Berry community and the surrounding communities about Hispanic culture and Spanish speaking countries and to also increase the knowledge of Hispanic Heritage Month through activities and speakers.  

Service Project: All clubs are required to do at least one service project each year in order to maintain their status as a Berry College organization. In previous years, members of Orgullo participated in the Annual Latino Youth Leadership Conference. In this conference, members of Orgullo helped the Latin American Association with their annual Leadership Program by serving food to Hispanic high school students around the area, and conversing with students about future college application and experiences.

Club Activities: The club organizes a Salsa Night every semester where students are able to learn and dance to salsa, merengue and other Latin music. The club also organizes various activities in celebration of Hispanic Heritage month from September 15th – October 15th. The activities include movie nights, dances, Latin folktales and food exposes' that highlight Hispanic culture. Members of the club also utilize the  Cultural House where their official office is located as well as where they host dances, meetings and other events. 

Orgullo meetings are held weekly in order to fellowship with other members of the club and to discuss future activities.