Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my SOAR date?
If you need to change your SOAR date, call the Office of Admissions and they will schedule a SOAR date that works better for you. 

How do I change my major?
Students will meet with their advisors during SOAR to confirm their class schedule for the fall. If they want to change their major they can do so during this time and can also change their classes if necessary. 

What is the foreign language placement test?
Transfer students and incoming freshmen who have studied a foreign language in high school or at another college/university and want to continue study in that language at Berry College need to take the WebCAPE Online Placement Exam. This online exam is available in French, German and Spanish. You should take the online placement exam before coming to Summer Advising and Orientation (SOAR) so that you will know the foreign language class in which to register. 

Will I get to meet my roommate at SOAR?
If your roommate for next year attends the same SOAR session as you, you will room with them during SOAR so that you can get to know them and discuss plans for your room. 

Will I get to see my residence hall room while I am at SOAR?
The residence halls at Berry are used to accommodate a number of events on campus during the summer so most students will not be able to see their actual room. Residence Life will provide floor plans for all residence halls. You might also want to check out Residence Life’s web page for more information on what to bring, room layouts, etc. 

What do I need to bring to SOAR?

  • Pillow and linens for the bed for X-long Twin bed
  • Towel
  • Toiletries
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Alarm Clock
  • Athletic wear for optional activities
    • All necessary forms and papers:
      • Your current health insurance card or a copy of it
      • Any of the required health forms that have been completed (some can be sent on-line and some require physician's signature)
      • If you plan to participate in the Student Work Program, you will need one of the following:
        • an unexpired state-issued ID (driver's license) and original Social Security card (no copies) OR
        • an unexpired state-issued ID (driver's license) and a certified copy of your birth certificate OR
        • a valid, unexpired passport

    What should I wear?
    Dress is casual so it is not necessary to dress up for the banquet on the first night. Dress for hot weather and be prepared for possible rain. 

    Are my meals provided? 
    You will have to get breakfast and lunch on your own the first day of SOAR. Your orientation fee covers the cost of the dinner banquet for you and two parents as well as breakfast and lunch on the second day. 

    What are the overnight accommodations?
    All students will be staying in an assigned residence hall room on campus overnight. Parents will need to make arrangements for accommodations from the list of recommended Rome-area hotel/motels. 

    Do I still stay overnight on campus if I am a commuter? 
    All students are encouraged to stay on campus overnight during SOAR, even if they will not be living in the residence halls in the fall. This gives every student the opportunity to participate in the late-night entertainment, socialize with the other incoming students, and get to know their SOAR leaders better. 

    What kind of transportation is available to get to Berry from Hartsfield-Jackson Airport if I don't have a car? 
    Most of the time there are a number of students who travel to the airport or to Atlanta from Berry, so it might be most convenient to ask a friend.  If not, there a couple of safe and affordable shuttle services that provide services to and from Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. 
    Shuttle Tran                             Best Journey 
    1-800-556-5466                       706-234-7337