Registration for one of the SOAR sessions (see SOAR Dates) is available via your Viking Web account beginning the first of April. All SOAR sessions are the same. There is no advantage to attending an early session. All new student schedules are made in May. 

Things to consider when registering for SOAR:

SOAR and Summer plans
We know that between graduation and summer vacation plans, it can be hard to determine the best SOAR session to register for. With that in mind, talk with your parents about family trips that have been planned or speak to your summer work supervisor about orientation prior to accepting the job. Even though we offer 4 SOAR sessions in June and strongly encourage students to attend SOAR in June, we know not everyone will be able to come. There is an August SOAR session that you can register for if the June dates conflict with your summer schedule. 

Sessions are created equally! 
Students attending the first SOAR session do not get the best classes or the best housing. In fact, Berry creates class schedules for entering students at the same time prior to SOAR. The best way to ensure your schedule reflects your interests is to complete the course registration form on VikingWeb as soon as you make your deposit to Berry. The same is true for housing! We house the entering class at the same time, so complete your housing preference information to ensure we know your preferences. 

Who do you bring to SOAR?
SOAR is designed for parents and students. While it is an exciting time for your entire family, we encourage, and ask, that you limit guests to no more than 2 adults. The schedule is designed to be informational and engages both student and parent(s) in only two short days. We find that siblings have more fun experiencing the campus on move-in day then they do at SOAR!