Emergency Protocol


All our residence halls are equipped with the latest fire safety technology. Each residence hall is equipped with smoke detectors in all rooms, and a centralized alarm system that ties in directly with the local fire department--when our alarms go off, the trucks start to roll. Ten residence halls have sprinkler systems. Additionally the college employs a technician who monitors our systems, making sure everything is working properly and that we are up to current code. 

We conduct fire drills on a regular basis and the resident assistants educate their halls on fire safety issues. 

Tornado Watch

A tornado WATCH is issued by the National Weather Service when weather conditions are right for a tornado to form. No action is indicated during a tornado watch except to be ready to move if a warning is issued. To keep informed on local severe weather information, listen to FM radio stations 102.3, 98.7, or 107.1 or an Atlanta TV station (channels 2, 11, 46 and weather channel 40). RA offices are equipped with weather radios that sound when weather is inclement.

Tornado Warning

A tornado WARNING is issued when a tornado has actually been sighted. If Campus Police receives a warning from the National Weather Service, they will activate the siren on Hermann hall. Police cars will be dispatched with loudspeakers and/or sirens to warn the Berry Community. The TV stations listed above will also issue advisories.


Persons should move immediately to shelter in a reinforced building. The basements or interior hallways on a lower floor are safest. Upper stories are unsafe. If there is no time to descend, a closet or small room with stout walls or an inside hallway will give some protection against flying debris. Stay away from windows! AVOID AUDITORIUMS OR GYMNASIUMS WITH LARGE POORLY SUPPORTED CEILINGS AND ROOFS. If you are in a building, do not go outside to another building, even if you think that building would provide more protection--you are safer indoors.

  • Students in regular residence halls should proceed to first floor hallways or basements (when possible) and wait there until they are notified that the tornado warning has expired.

  • Students in the Townhouses should go to an interior rooms without windows (bathrooms) and wait there until they are notified that the tornado warning has expired. Do not attempt to go to any other nearby building (such as Cook, Ladd or Hermann Hall). If you are in an upper suite, we encourage you to go downstairs to a neighbor's Townhouse if you can safely do so.