What We Do


Each August, SGA arranges for over 100 returning students to help new freshman and transfer students move their belongings into their dorm rooms. These "Bellhops" get to move in a few days before the official opening date for the dormitories and receive a special, annually designed t-shirt. For more information, or to sign up to help, contact the SGA Vice-President for Student Services. 

Birthday Cakes and Baked Goods

The Student Government Association (SGA) invites you to order freshly and professionally made goodies to make your student feel closer to home. Sending your student a cake on their birthday, some brownies before an important exam or even some cookies just to let them know you are thinking about them is a great way to show your student how special they are.  Our treats are made by Honeymoon Bakery, a local bakery in historic downtown Rome. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we will pick up the freshly made goods from the bakery and deliver them to your student’s door! 

Final Exam Kits

A few days before Spring finals begin, SGA puts together bags or boxes containing lots of candy, snacks, fruit, and other items to pass out to students. Order forms for these 'kits' are mailed to parents in the middle of the Spring semester. 

Funds for Student Activities

SGA Budget & Finance Committee allocates the Student Activity Fund to recognized student organizations. For more information, see the SGA Treasurer. 

Food for Finals

The night before Fall finals begin, SGA and Food Service host a free breakfast (in exchange for a canned food), which is cooked and served by members of the administration, faculty and staff. These canned goods are donated to a local shelter. 

Community Services: 

Blood Drives

SGA normally organizes two campus-wide blood drives during the fall and spring semesters and one drive during the summer. Incentives, such as free food, are provided for every donor. Representatives assist with blood drive by signing-up donors and working at the registration table or canteen during the blood drive. SGA, at the request of the local hospitals, will begin to coordinate blood drives with Blood Assurance. 

Campus Christmas Tree Lighting and Reception

SGA lights the College Christmas Tree and serves refreshments after the annual Lessons & Carols service, which is sponsored by the Chaplain's Office in College Chapel. Special music is provided during the serve by the various campus music ensembles and choirs. The Concert Choir leads the singing of traditional carols before the lighting of the tree. 

Campus Improvements

SGA sets aside limited funds in its budget each semester to provide the resources needed to help bring to fruition worthy student ideas to improve the campus in some way.

Community Activities

SGA actively sponsors special events, and, in coordination with the Volunteer Services Office, helps organize volunteer groups and donates funds to support such causes as Make-A-Difference Day and Homelessness and Hunger Awareness. 

SGA Representative Reunion

This reunion is held every five years, with the next to be in 2015, and is open to all former SGA representatives of Berry College. It is held during Mountain Day Festivities and usually follows the Grand March. More information will be available closer to the next reunion.