There are several options available to students for buying and selling textbooks: 

Berry College Bookstore:
Located in Krannert, the Berry College Bookstore is stocked with all the materials you will need during your time at Berry. Each term the Bookstore finds out directly from your instructors which materials they want you to have for their class and provide them in house for you to purchase. The key thing to remember at the Bookstore is to choose the option that works best for you.

“We know that what works for your classmate might not work for you—that’s why we offer so many choices in textbook format. Buy new, used or digital books, or opt to rent your books. Choose the program that suits you best, or the one that saves you the most!”

Bookstore's Textbook Options:

  1. Buy New
  2. Buy Used
  3. Rent
  4. Digital Books

Order your books online with free shipping to the Berry College Bookstore.

Online Options:
There are many websites that sell or rent textbooks. Some of the most popular are:

When buying or renting online, be sure to carefully inspect what you are purchasing and where you are getting it from. Pay attention to seller reviews and reliability percentages. Be certain that you are ordering the correct version of the textbook you need and familiarize yourself with the website’s return policy before placing your order. Be sure to factor in shipping time as well. Many orders for textbooks are placed at the beginning of a semester, so don’t wait until the last minute!

Buying from Berry students:
Other Berry students may have taken a class you are starting and be willing to sell their textbook. Students often post ads for textbooks around campus, so keep your eyes open for an opportunity. Make sure you are buying the version requested by the professor for your current semester.