Work Experiences

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Work Experiences - Amanda DeanAmanda Dean: Math whiz brings innovative technology to her high school classroom

From day one, Berry challenged Amanda Dean to become a better scholar, educator and innovator. A dual math and education major, she knows about hard work and solving tough problems. As a student, she worked with faculty researching ways to incorporate 3D printing and design into high school and middle school math standards and got firsthand experience in classrooms around the local community. Now, Amanda is a Knowles Science Teaching Foundation fellow, bringing her innovative thinking to her high school math class.

Work Experiences - Vendant MehtaVedant Mehta: Pursuing 2 master’s degrees at Georgia Tech

With his sights set on a career in spacecraft propulsion, it’s no surprise that Vedant flew through his undergraduate program at warp speed. His three years at Berry combined rigorous classes, a job in our Creative Technologies lab and a research presentation to the American Astronomical Society alongside Berry faculty. His next frontier? Master’s degrees in aeronautical engineering and nuclear engineering.

Work Experiences - Colleen CurleeColleen Curlee: Offered a coveted internship working with Nashville’s music superstars (She was Swift to accept!)

It was the scream heard around campus. Colleen couldn’t contain her excitement when she was chosen from 600 applicants for a film and video internship at Big Machine Records, home to some of the biggest names in the industry. Now she has accepted a full-time position and Nashville is home to one of Berry’s most vocal grads, whose resume boasts four years of non-stop activity that includes campus videographer, theatre productions, service and leadership training (to name a few!).

Work Experiences - Kaitlyn LongKaitlyn Long: Works with dolphins at the Georgia Aquarium

What’s a sophomore to do when she discovers her passion for marine biology - while attending college in the mountains of Northwest Georgia? Kaitlyn assumed she’d have to transfer. Her advisor and professors knew better. An internship, study abroad in Honduras, and a position in Berry’s Aquatics Research Lab transformed her dream of working with marine mammals into her dream-job.

Work Experiences - Rhoxie EllardRhoxie Ellard: World traveler to become an international business star

Passionate leader, dedicated entrepreneur, research assistant, and world traveler…is there anything Rhoxie Ellard (16C) can’t do? She isn’t slowing down to find out! Now attending the University of South Carolina, Rhoxie is right at home in the #1 International Business graduate program in the U.S. Berry taught her to think beyond the borders of her everyday environment, providing an opportunity to study abroad in South Korea. Her work as a student director of the Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship program gave her valuable experience guiding a team to success. She is well on her way to becoming a global business leader.