Year of the Supervisor

Year of the Supervisor activityBerry College is the home to the top Premier Work Experience program in the nation. Because of our belief in firsthand experience, students have real-world employment opportunities in all areas of campus throughout all four years of their time at Berry.  

Martha Berry, founder, initiated the emphasis on student work in the earliest days of the school when students were required to work in order to attend school. And while student work is no longer a requirement, over 95 percent of students work on campus at some time during their time at Berry.

Like Martha, many student work supervisors become advisors and mentors to students throughout their four years. Supervisors have tremendous influence and impact in the success of each student which is why the Premier Work Experience Program named 2016 the Year of the Supervisor. The Year of the Supervisor is sponsored by the President’s Office, Human Resources, the Staff Advisory Committee and Premier Student Work.

“The concept of Year of the Supervisor was to find a way to bring supervisors together once a month, allow them to enjoy a meal, and talk through topics while focusing on positive solutions,” said Wendy Dahlgren, coordinator of the Gate of Opportunity Scholars program.

Each Year of the Supervisor event includes a themed discussion led by some of the campus’s most respected and successful supervisors. Topics so far have included tough love and teamwork. 

“We hope to connect supervisors with one another and to capture best practices that can be used to benefit the student work experience,” Dahlgren said.

The Year of the Supervisor will continue through December 2016. For more information about the Premier Work Experience Program at Berry, visit

Written by Hannah Johnson (16c), Director of the Teams Initiative for Premier Student Work.