SPCC Examination

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1.  A facility is subject to SPCC regulations if it has an aboveground oil storage capacity greater than: 


2.  Oil as defined in the SPCC Rule means oil of any kind in any form, including but not limited to:


3.  A harmful quantity of oil in a spill is defined by 40 CFR 112 as one where:


4.  Employees should use the following procedure to prevent a discharge or release of oil:


5.  Floor drains and storm drains must be protected in the event of a spill if they are in the spill pathway


6.  Berry College F/S and student oil handling employees must receive SPCC Training:


7.  SPCC tank identifications must be posted at all tanks.


8.  Tank inspection forms found in Appendix F of the SPCC Plan must:


9.  Spill clean up equipment should be stored:


10.   To minimize oil spill waste: