Off-Campus 411

Things to consider before making the leap to off-campus living:

  • College provided academic and social resources will not be as readily available.
  • Routine maintenance, such as burned out light bulbs, non-functioning toilets, etc., may not be so routine, and could increase your overall cost.
  • Remember to factor these costs into your total package when comparing on campus to off campus expenses:
    • Cable TV
    • Internet
    • Land-line telephone
    • Utilities (electricity, heat, air conditioning, water, etc.)
    • Commuting costs
    • The real costs, in terms of time and money, of shopping for and cooking your own meals. SinceĀ  you will be spending a lot of time on campus, you may want to consider having a meal plan.
    • Furniture--will furniture be supplied or will you be expected to provide your own furniture?