Mountain Day

Mountain Day is Berry’s celebration of Martha Berry’s birthday and is held on the first Saturday in October. Mountain Day Weekend is Berry’s Homecoming – parents, alumni, and friends participate as well as students, faculty and staff. Plan to stay for Mountain Day Weekend and invite your family to join in on the festivities, which include many great student-sponsored activities, athletic events, alumni reunions and other Mountain Day traditions as listed below.

The Mountain Day Olympics are on Friday afternoon on the Moon Lawn. This is our largest student event of the year and probably one of the loudest as well! Residence halls, commuters, faculty and staff compete in “field day-type” events, such as egg toss and tug-o-war, for the coveted title of Olympic Champions. The highlight of this event is the creativity that goes into team shirts and how they display team spirit.

Friday night KCAB sponsors the Mountain Day Talent Show in the Ford Auditorium.

Mountain Day Convocation will be Saturday morning in Frost Chapel. This service features a Berry alumnus/ alumnae as the guest speaker.

A BBQ picnic lunch is held on Saturday at the foot of Lavender Mountain (WinShape Campus). Don’t be scared away by the traffic or the 5,000+ people who join in annually for this event.

Be sure to participate in the Grand March that follows the picnic. Traditionally, female students dress in a pastel pink (blue, if senior) dress or skirt and blouse; the male students wear a light blue shirt (white, if senior) and dark trousers. These colors represent the uniforms worn by past Berry students. Students also bring a certain number of pennies to represent their age. The money is dropped in a basket during the March and supports a scholarship fund in Martha Berry’s honor.

Marthapalooza will take place in the Clara Bowl from late Saturday night into Sunday morning. This event features a carnival-like atmosphere, free food, games, music, bonfire and the opportunity to camp out on campus with friends. 

For our athletes or sports fans, an annual Golf Scramble is held on Friday afternoon and a 5K Run/Health Walk takes place on Saturday morning. Both of these events are sponsored through the Berry Alumni Office. Our men's and women’s soccer teams as well as our volleyball team traditionally host home games on Mountain Day Weekend as well.

Be on the lookout in mid-September for further information on Mountain Day. You should also check out the  Berry College Alumni website for a complete listing of all events and registration information.