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Study Abroad Opportunities

This page offers a wide variety of study abroad options available nationally for students interested in Women's and Gender Studies.

Programs indicated with an asterisk (*) are approved as Berry College program. Other programs listed can be completed as a transient student. For more information contact Sarah Egerer at: segerer@berry.edu.

Berry College Study Abroad 

*Italy – Lorenzo de’ Medici: http://berry.edu/academics/study/page.aspx?id=16967
*India – University of Hyderabad:  http://berry.edu/academics/study/page.aspx?id=15515
*Egypt – American University of Cairo: http://berry.edu/academics/study/page.aspx?id=14828
*Sweden – Orebro University
*Canada – Brock University

*Antioch Comparative Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe

Program Description

Since 1984, the Comparative Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe (WGSE) program has offered students a unique opportunity to explore feminist theory in practice across Europe. The program examines the trends and dynamics of European social, economic, and political systems as they influence contemporary gender theory, policy, and women’s identities. Following an orientation to the program, students participate in NOISE, a two-week summer school in WGS co-organized by Utrecht University and ATHENA, the European Network of Women’s Studies. 

Courses Offered

Situated Feminisms: Socio-Political Systems and Women's Lives AWS 240 (4 semester credits):
This course examines the historical emergence and contemporary conditions of feminist movements in the Europe. While women's movements have flourished all over the world, they have evolved through the particular conditions and contexts in which the various groups of women find themselves. We must be attentive to the situated nature of women's experiences, both in the nature of their aspirations and oppressions, but also through their experiences of race/ethnicity, class, sexuality, gender identity, age, etc.

Issues in Feminist Methodologies AWS 250 (4 semester credits):
This course is devoted to questions of theory and practice of feminist research in the social sciences and the humanities. We will consider the following: What is the relationship between methodology and knowledge claims in feminist research? How do language and narrative shape experience? How do the practices of interpretation intersect with questions of the authority of the researching subject and her respondents? How is the traditional social science relationship between the researcher and the examined object (e.g., the texts of oral histories, photographs, paintings, sincere data, etc.) redefined within frameworks of feminist research? How are feminist study methods impacting traditional constructions of arts and sciences? Through discussion workshops and individual research projects, students will evaluate research approaches that reflect the feminist goal of equalizing poser relations between researcher and respondent. Participants will also consider action-based research as a site for activist coalitions.

Comparative Feminist Theories AWS 350 (4 semester credits):
This course frames several of the central debates in continental feminist theory in the context of emerging local and global pressures on women's movements. Exploring subjectivity, interpersonal relations, and community as mobile sites of knowledge and power formations, students will become conversant with contemporary feminist theory as we consider affinities and divergences among different theory models. Students will evaluate frameworks for political intervention, questioning the ability to transfer feminist concepts across cultures and languages.

Independent Field Research AWS 396 (4 semester credits):
The program is structured to offer students the opportunity to conduct on-site academic research, generating a comparative analysis within the contemporary European social, political, and economic framework. Students will select a topic of interest that can be explored in the context of the program, develop and execute research method(s), and present their work in both written and oral forms.

Tuition: $609/semester credit hour
Total Tuition: $9741 (16 credits)
Transportation in Europe: $2300
Room and Board: $5580

Center for Global Education (CGE)

Website: http://www.augsburg.edu/global/  

Central America - Quetzaltenango, Guatemala; San Salvador, El Salvador; & Managua, Nicaragua
Fall or Spring: Sustainable Development & Social Change
Summer: Spanish Language & Mayan Spirituality
Mexico - program based in Cuernavaca
Fall: Crossing Borders: Gender & Social Change in Mesoamerica
            International Business & Global Citizenship
            Spring: Migration & Globalization: Engaging Our Communities
            Social Work in a Latin American Context
            Summer: Gender, Art, & Social Change
            Spanish Language & Culture
            Academic Internship & Independent Research
Southern Africa – program based in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia
            Fall or Spring: Nation Building, Globalization, & Decolonizing the Mind
            Summer: Internship Program: Social Change & Development in Southern Africa
Central America - Quetzaltenango, Guatemala; San Salvador, El Salvador; & Managua, Nicaragua

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

Website: http://ciee.org

Africa - The University of Cape Town (CIEE): www.ciee.org/study/programOverview.aspx?pID=134 

This program is appropriate for students from all academic disciplines who have a strong interest in learning about contemporary South African life and society and the forces that have created that society. Established as the South African College in 1829, the University of Cape Town is internationally recognized as one of Africa’s leading research universities. The campus has sweeping lawns, pathways, trees, ponds, and waterfalls that combine with attractive physical structures and extensive playing fields to create a pleasant study environment. A range of commercial, medical, recreational, and sporting facilities is available on campus. These include a swimming pool, gymnasium, basketball, tennis, badminton and squash courts, and a weight room.

Eligibility Requirements:
Overall GPA 3.0
Junior standing and above
College-level coursework in African studies recommended

Fall 2009 $12,900
Academic Year 2009-10 $23,200
Spring 2010 $12,900
Calendar Year 2010 $24,600

Africa - The University of Ghana: Legon, Ghana (CIEE):
Website: http://www.ciee.org/study/programOverview.aspx?pID=137#1rightForYou 

This program is designed for a wide variety of students, including those interested in studying the political and economic challenges facing sub-Saharan Africa and developing nations, and those interested in studying West African cultural practices in various musical and dance forms.

As the oldest and largest of the six public universities in Ghana, the University of Ghana has an enrollment of more than 28,000 students and a faculty of over 900. The University comprises faculties of agriculture and consumer sciences, arts, law, medicine, science, and social sciences; schools of business, nursing, and public health; and three agricultural research stations. The University also has institutes for African studies; international relations; journalism and communication; population studies; and statistical, social, and economic research, among others.

Eligibility Requirements:
Overall GPA 3.0
Junior standing and above
College-level coursework in African studies recommended

Fall 2009 $11,500
Academic Year 2009-10 $20,700
Spring 2010 $11,500

Australia - The University of Wollangong (CIEE)
Website: http://www.ciee.org/study/programOverview.aspx?pID=60#1rightForYou 

This program is designed for humanities and/or science students with an academic interest in Australian culture and a desire to study and live in both an urban and coastal location.

The University of Wollongong is a progressive teaching and research-oriented university. It is at the leading edge of many fields, including environmental science, health services, telecommunications, and multicultural studies. It has a total student population of around 20,000, of which 5,000 students are from over 60 countries around the world. The University is situated at the base of Mt. Keira with breathtaking views of the ocean. A full range of sporting facilities is available on campus, including an Olympic-sized heated swimming pool, gymnasium, basketball, tennis, badminton and squash courts, and a weight room.

Eligibility Requirements:
Overall GPA 3.0
Students with lower GPAs may be accepted; contact CIEE for more information.

Academic Year 2009-10 $26,800
Spring 2010 - $15,500
Calendar Year 2010 - $29,500  

Latin America - Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic (CIEE)
Website: http://www.ciee.org/study/programOverview.aspx?pID=190#1rightForYou 

This program is for advanced level Spanish students who are motivated to gain a deeper appreciation of the realities of Dominican society, and the Caribbean region as a whole, especially issues of underdevelopment, through both academic and internship activities.

Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO-Dominican Republic)FLACSO is linked to other research and teaching centers throughout Latin America and was founded by UNESCO, the UN agency dedicated to education, culture, and science. Its internationally known faculty is also associated
with one or more universities in Santo Domingo.

Eligibility Requirements:
Overall GPA 2.75
5 semesters of college-level Spanish or equivalent
Spanish language course within the past year recommended

Academic Year 2009-10$20,00
Spring 2010 $11,300

Middle East - Amman, Jordan (CIEE)
Website: http://www.ciee.org/study/programOverview.aspx?pID=132#1rightForYou 

The program is designed for students who have an interest in Jordan and the Middle East. Courses are offered in the areas of Arabic language, anthropology, history, economics, literature, religion, archaeology, environment, political science, and the media. This program is very suitable for a student who would like to do volunteer work or an internship. 

University of Jordan Founded in 1962, the University of Jordan is the oldest public four-year institution of higher education in Jordan. The University has 13 academic faculties, 65 academic departments, and a diverse student body of nearly 35,000, including 1,800 international students. The CIEE Study Center is located opposite the main gate of the University and offers students a wide range of support, library, and advising services. CIEE has an additional office in the University of Jordan’s Language Center. CIEE students have access to all major campus facilities, including the library and campus computer labs. Classes are held throughout the University Campus.

Eligibility Requirements
Overall GPA 2.75

Spring 2010 $ 13,700

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